Steel Cod Leads Program Details

Receiving leads from Steel Cod

When a potential customer fills out the form ( on our public website, we look at their information before sending the lead to the dealer.

  • Confirm what dealers have showrooms within their geographic area
  • Confirm the dealer sells the brand (or equivalent brand) that the customer is looking into

What the dealer receives

  • Potential customer’s name
  • Contact info
  • Included customer’s message on what they are looking for
  • What page on the Steel Cod site they came from (if available)
    • To give some insight into what products they are interested in
  • How many other dealers received the same message

What is expected from the dealer

  • A prompt, appropriate response via email
    • With manual follow ups if necessary
  • The potential customer will not be automatically enrolled in any email messaging campaigns
  • The potential customer will not be spammed
  • The dealer acknowledges that the potential customer is not a guarantee of a sale