Steel Cod 2.5

The latest iteration of Steel Cod contains many updates that aren’t seen by end users but are necessary for us to have more flexibility in delivering future solutions.

However, there are a number of small quality-of-life updates you will see, such as an improved upload experience. The component that we use to upload files was no longer supported by its authors, so we needed to replace it. We think you’ll love the cleaner interface that we’ve built!

You’re probably also asking yourself: “Wait, was there a Steel Cod 2.4?” There was! We launched some new functionality around the customization of cover pages but we wanted to keep it under wraps while we kicked the tires on it. Good news: consider the tires officially “kicked”! If you’re interested in having custom cover pages based on salesperson, location, format or intake method (search, scan, email, API), let us know and we’ll set up a meeting to discuss next steps!

An important component of this upgrade is our “One User, One Account” policy has been officially added to our Terms of Service. You should check it out.

Hope everyone is doing well. Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback at help[at] .

Steel Cod 2.3 – Daily Digests

Today we’re releasing Steel Cod 2.3, which will now give you the ability to receive automated daily updates via email about the spec packages you’ve already created. If we’ve recently updated an existing spec or added a new spec that was missing, you’ll be notified every day at 12pm noon (ET).

All users are enrolled in this feature to receive the email Monday through Friday. If you would like to change the days you receive this email (or to opt out), please log into Steel Cod and go to update your preferences under the “Automatic updates email” section.

Along with some assorted bug fixes and performance enhancements, we’re also including a few more changes in this release:

  • Full spec packages now use the Table of Contents formatting as the slim spec packages
  • Support for models/specs across different regions
  • Users can now delete spec packages via the spec package edit page
  • New Cookie Policy and cookie consent

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback at help[at] .

Steel Cod 2.1 – Slim Specs

We are excited to roll out a new feature: “Slim Specs”!

What are Slim Specs?

A package with only the first (or first and second) page per each model number’s spec sheet. Not every customer, especially when only in the quoting phase, needs the dimensions, diagrams, and cut-outs. They only need the picture and information presented on the first page. For these customers, a “Slim Spec” package is preferred.

Check out the videos below for more information!